Autumn Programs

During autumn 2018, ICTE priests traveled to Jordan to visit refugee centers supported by Catholic Relief Services. The sabbatical priests were welcomed as guests by the local pastor.

Autumn programs at ICTE are designed to give priests a great deal of flexibility. Each autumn, ICTE offers three modules designed around a particular theme. Ideally, priests will enroll in all three modules, as each builds on the previous one. However, each module is designed as a “stand alone” module and may be taken without participating in the other two. So, a priest may enroll in one, two or all three of the modules.

Bishops especially asked for this kind of programing to offer priests greater opportunity for ongoing formation.  Some bishops find that it is easier to release a priest for a one month module, rather than for a full three months. Some priests include one or two modules as a part of a longer sabbatical they have designed for themselves.  Other priests, on their own, are happy to enroll in ICTE for one month using vacation time to enrich their minds, experience priestly fraternity and visit interesting places.  

Many dioceses will allow priests to underwrite the cost of a one-month module with their annual diocesan continuing education allowance.  Additionally, as the first and third modules include a canonical retreat, many dioceses will allow priests to use their annual retreat allowance to underwrite the cost of the module.

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