Scavi Tours with NAC Seminarians

Scavi Tours

Commonly known as the Scavi tour, the tour of the excavations of the necropolis beneath Saint Peter’s Basilica and the burial place of Saint Peter himself is a marvelous experience for pilgrims in Rome.  For more information on the Scavi tour and its history, click here.  Only approximately 200 pilgrims can enter the excavations per day. Therefore, reservations should be made a few months in advance of your visit to Rome.

A written request for a Scavi tour must be sent directly to the Scavi Office by email, fax, or mail.  If you receive no response or if your email bounces back to you, it usually means that the daily quota is already full. Since the Scavi office prefers to work directly with their pilgrims, we are unable to request tours on your behalf.

Instructions to have a NAC seminarian as a guide for your Scavi tour:

  1. Please note that NAC seminarians do not make direct reservations for Scavi tours.
  2. The only way to reserve a tour is to contact Scavi directly at
  3. Be sure to include the names and number of pilgrims, the range of availability of dates and times, the request for an English tour, and finally request for a tour from a NAC seminarian.
  4. Important: Once you have received a confirmation email from Scavi, you then need to forward the confirmation to the Scavi Apostolate Seminarian Capo at Please keep in mind that the seminarians do not receive confirmation from the Scavi Office so this will be your responsibility.

Scavi Fax: