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Thank you for your interest in applying to the Pontifical North American College. In order to submit your application, please follow the steps below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Admissions:

Rev. Daniel F. Hanley
Director of Admissions


STEP 1: Consult the Admissions Timeline for the current year in order to familiarize yourself with applicable deadlines and arrival dates.
[2019 Admissions Timeline – Word | PDF]
STEP 2: The STUDENT applicant completes the following forms:
[2019 Student Application – Word | PDF]
[2019 Student Forms – Word | PDF]
As part of the application material the seminarian can sign up for early arrival in Italy and summer Italian study. The applicant, in consultation with the Director of Vocations reviews the program information provided for the Italian study opportunities of the current year and indicates his choice on the form provided. This link provides helpful information for this decision. If the seminarian is not participating in early language study, he will still need to fill out this form in order to indicate his arrival date.
[2019 Summer Italian Programs – Word | PDF]
The DIRECTOR of Vocations/Seminarians completes the following forms:
[2019 Vocation Director Forms – Word | PDF]
STEP 3: Ship the entire admissions application including all of the above forms from the STUDENT applicant and the Director of Vocations by express courier ONLY (e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS) by the admissions deadline. (Make sure you indicate that you are shipping documents and indicate that they have no value. Otherwise, customs charges will be applied.)

  • Email the tracking number for the application packet to the Director of Admissions at the address listed above.
  • It is understandable that some of the required documents may not be available by the admissions deadline (e.g. Letter of Recommendation from Rectors, Final Transcripts, etc.). However, please ensure that the admissions packet is as complete as possible when sent. If we do not have the letters from the Bishop and the Vocations Director as well as an updated Psychological Evaluation and as up-to-date transcripts as possible, we will not be able to process the application.
STEP 4: The applicant must apply for an Italian residence visa. This process can only be fully completed after acceptance and the flight to Italy has been determined, but the applicant can begin the process as soon as the application is sent by making an appointment with the Italian Consulate assigned to his region. There are two timing dynamics of which you should be aware:

  • First, appointments are usually not secured less than a month in advance and processing after the appointment can take some weeks. Waiting to set the appointment until after acceptance, especially later in the spring, can lead to the danger of not getting a visa in time for your departure for Italy. If we have adequate information in the application packet, we hope to be able to be able to complete the process and have all necessary acceptance material to the candidate within 3–4 weeks. If the seminarian sets the appointment for over a month in advance from the sending of his application, he should have plenty of time to obtain the material necessary for his visa appointment and for his visa to be processed by the consulate. These materials are outlined in the instructions below.
  • Second, Please note that you usually cannot apply for a visa at a consulate prior to 90 days before your arrival in Italy/Rome. Keep this in mind as you make your appointment.
  Upon acceptance you will receive a specific official letter written in Italian from the Rector that allows you to apply for a visa. WITHOUT THIS LETTER YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUBMIT A VISA APPLICATION AT YOUR CONSULATE APPOINTMENT. BE SURE THAT THE TYPE OF VISA REQUESTED IS A “TYPE D: STUDY” VISA. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Admissions or the Vice Rector for Seminary Life.
[2019 Visa Application Instructions – Word | PDF]
STEP 5:  When you receive your acceptance to the College, you or the diocese must confirm your acceptance within a week. Upon this confirmation of acceptance, the College will make travel arrangements on your behalf.  Seminarians living in the USA will be booked on a group flight through the College’s travel agency.  The College will have the information for your flight and permission to bill your diocese from the form already completed in the Vocations Directors Forms of the application material.  You will receive by email the details of your travel itinerary.  Remember that transatlantic arrive in Europe the day after departure due to the time difference.   
[2019 Travel Information – Word | PDF]

Once you have been officially accepted by the North American College and completed these steps, please proceed to the Orientation Page of our website prepared by our students to view the information they have prepared for you this year.

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