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Winter 2020 – Inaugural Edition

January 15, 2020 – It is a joy to present to you, Ex Latere Christi, the first academic journal published by the faculty, alumni, and friends of the Pontifical North American College. In honor of the College’s 160th anniversary of its foundation, Fr. Randy Soto had the inspiration to create this journal, the first of its kind in the College’s history, to feature and celebrate the intellectual life and its application to the pastoral and spiritual life at the College. I am immensely grateful to Fr. Soto for his leadership in this project as well as to our Rector, Fr. Peter Harman, for his permission to proceed with this journal and for his kind encouragement as well to Bishop Robert Deeley and the College’s Board of Governors.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Program of Priestly Formation, Fifth Edition, states:

The first task of intellectual formation is to acquire a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the fullness and completion of God’s revelation and the one Teacher. This saving knowledge is acquired not only once, but it is continuously appropriated and deepened, so that it becomes more and more a part of us…At the same time, this knowledge is not simply for personal possession but is destined to be shared in the community of faith (PPF #137)

Studying, in the life of the priest and the seminarian of the College is not solely for oneself, for your own edification, and spiritual development, but is truly an act of pastoral charity for the People of God. Gerhard Cardinal Müller opined: “If the ultimate concern of theology is bringing people into the living dynamic of Revelation and the response of faith, then this concern must burn all the more in the hearts of priests who have been ordained for the Church and are sacramentally configured to Christ the bridegroom who laid down his life for his bride the Church.”

This journal hopes to offer some contribution to the life of the College, the life of the Church in the United States, and the intellectual life of the Church. Its contributors are from the faculty, alumni, and friends of the College, and we aim to offer both an academically rigorous and pastorally engaging approach to theology, philosophy, and related fields.

Fr. John P. Cush
PNAC Academic Dean

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